Vizag Araku Train

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Visiting Araku Valley by train from Visakhapatnam

One of the best way to cover the Araku valley is by going there by Train. This train line is built specially to carry iron ore to Visakhapatnam port from the mineral reserves of Chattisghad state. Iron ores fines transported from mines at Bailadilla through this train line to Visakhapatnam port for export and for consumption of Visakhapatnam steel plant. In India most of the hill trains run in a meter gauge or narrow gauge lines but this is a broad gauge line passes through Shimiliguda station which is the highest broad gauge station of India at 996.32 mt above MSL. There is a board at the platform with details of height and saying about the specialty of this station.

This train line passes through 84 bridges and 58 tunnels. This broad gauge electrified line starts from Kottavalasa, a small station located between Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam stations of Howrah and Chennai main line . From Kottavalasa the line takes a left turn ( if you are coming from Visakhapatnam towards Vizianagaram – Howrah ) and connects Kirandul station at the other end. So this line is popularly known as Kottavalasa Kirandul line or KK train line.

After crossing two small stations , the train starts climbing up the hills through tunnels and bridges. Most of the time valley falls in right side of the train while going towards Araku from Vizag and waterfalls remain at left side. On the way small and big water falls can be seen from the train. The green valley and river combination gives a spectacular view from the train. The train passes through tunnels and bridges on its journey. After CHIMIDIPALLI station the water fall comes at left side just after a tunnel. The longest tunnel is 520 meter long. Through out the hill region of this line patrolling staffs of Indian Railway give clearance to all passing by trains as they continuously monitor the track for any land slide, tree falling or any other type of damages. The train also passes above the Borra caves. As per information from the guide, there is a 100ft thick rock support over the caves above which the tracks are laid. So there is enough protection and security for the train.

The Kirandul passenger train number is 1VK and in return direction it is 2VK

Starts from Visakahaptanm station and most of the time this train starts from platform number 5 , but checkup at inquiry counter at platform no 1 for updated status.

Departure time 6.50 AM from Visakhapatnam station (as on April – 2011) and reaches Araku at 11.00 AM.

There is a special compartment in this 1VK train for the rail cum road package the rail cum road package tour offered by AP tourism on Araku and Borra caves. Under this package the upward journey from Visakhapatnam is by this train and return trip is by road covering some local tourist places and famous Borra caves.

Station Name    Code    Time    Remark
VISHAKAPATNAM     VSKP    6.50    Starting Station
SIMHACHALAM    SCM    07.07    Local Station of Vizag
PENDURTI    PDT    07:21
KOTTAVALASA    KTV    7.29    Train leaves the main line & take the KK – line
MALLIVIDU    MVW    7.40
SHIVALINGAPURAM     SLPM    8.45    Hills & Valley starts from here
TYADA     TXD    8.57
CHIMIDIPALLI    CMDP    9.21    Be alert for a Waterfall at your left side just after a tunnel
BORRAGUHALU     BGHU    9.41    Borra Caves here.
SHIMILIGUDA     SMLG    10.23    Watch for the board at your right ( at main station building ) saying the height of the station
ARAKKU    ARK    10.55    Destination


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